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Babysitter! is an episode of Oobi.


Baby sit

March 13, 2006
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Grampu and Inka go out for an evening of polka dancing, but Uma is disappointed that she's too young to go. Then Uma starts being very mean to Randy.Oobi and Uma have to get used to their new babysitter, Randy, a friendly and playful person.


  • Kako is only seen talking with a child during a break from this episode.
  • It is unknown why Uma and Oobi need a babysitter on this occasion, because in two other episodes (Feelings! and Uma's Birthday!), Grampu is out shopping and the kids are home alone.
  • Inka has a CAR! How can she drive?
  • This is another date Grampu and Inka have. This is more romantic because they're gonna dance together.
  • By his accent, dialogue and hair, randy is about 19-16. Most teens are I. The babysitting service.
  • Uma shows her mean side, for she is fresh to randy.
  • When Randy says oldest trick in book, it sounds like Otis chicken book.
  • When Uma says "learn something", and randy says "ouch." This is really offending.
  • the red part on Oobi's chicken costume is a red glove. He got this possibly from Uma's room, because this is her costume.
  • Randy isn't seen again, though they are home by themselves, but for short periods.
  • Grampu wasn't gone for long (it seems).


  • Oobi, Uma, and Randy: Rockabye lullaby!
  • Randy: In bed, last one, rotten egg! (Oobi and Uma rush upstairs playfully.) Oldest trick in book.
  • Uma: Randy not Grampu.
  • Randy: Babysitter rule 74: After playtime, bedtime!
  • Uma: Bye, Randy Candy!
  • Randy: Hey, Oobi Dude!


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