Character Information


Oobi Grampu Noggin Nick Jr TV Show Series Hand Puppet Nickelodeon Character

Name Grampu
Species Hand puppet
Gender Male
First Appearance "Dance!"
Last Appearance "Superheroes!"

Grampu is a main character in the Oobi series. He is performed by Tyler Bunch.


Grampu is Oobi and Uma's grandfather. He almost always has his hands full taking care of the kids. His biggest goal in life is to make sure his grandchildren grow up smart and happy. Grampu introduces them to new ideas, like creating paintings and making music, on a daily basis. In his opinion, being Oobi's grandfather is lovely.

Grampu enjoys cooking, although the kids tend to make messes with the food he serves them. He usually wears an apron and a chef's hat when working in the kitchen. Grampu has a crush on Oobi's piano instructor Inka and has taken her on a couple of dates. The kids often unintentionally embarrass him when he tries to impress her, but she does not mind.

Grampu's catchphrase is "Lovely!" and he applies this phrase to almost every situation. Despite how he is Oobi and Uma's grandfather, he does not appear to be married and only one of his children—Aunt Oota—has been mentioned on the program.


Grampu has fair skin and pink fingernails. His eyes are hazel and slightly larger than the children's. Grampu is the only character whose eyes are never updated or changed throughout the show. His fingers are curled in the front, and his thumb acts as his lip. He is the tallest of the main characters.


Grampu has appeared in many episodes of Oobi. His first appearance was in the "Dance!" short, and his final appearance was in the "Superheroes!" episode. "Frieda Friend!" is the only full-length episode in which Grampu is absent.

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