Noggin Oobi Dinosaur! Cast with Oobi-Rex, Umasaurus and Dino-Kako Puppets Nickelodeon

The cast and crew on the set of the "Dinosaur!" episode.

The following is a list of Oobi cast members.

List of cast members

Regular cast

A light blue box indicates that the character is not main.

Actor Character(s)
Tim Lagasse Oobi
Taro (minor)
Stephanie D'Abruzzo Uma
Inka (recurring)
Noel MacNeal Kako
Chauncy (minor)
Frankie (minor)
Fred (minor)
Tyler Bunch Grampu

Supporting cast

A light blue box indicates that the characters are minor.

Actor Character(s)
Matt Vogel Angus
Additional characters
Jennifer Barnhart Mrs. Johnson
Additional characters
Frankie Cordero Mamu
James Godwin Maestru
Additional characters
Cheryl Blaylock Frieda
Heather Asch Moppie
Little Girl
Lisa Buckley Bella
Dr. Rose

Minor cast

Actor Character(s)
Kevin Clash Randy
Pam Arciero Additional characters
Christen Simon
Robin Walsh


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