The following is a list of Oobi crew members.

List of crew members

Member Position(s)
Josh Selig Creator
Director (full-length episodes)
Executive producer
Tim Lagasse Director (shorts)
Lisa Simon Supervising producer
Tom Brown Producer
Director (full-length episodes)
Assistant director
April Chadderdon Line producer
Scott Preston Director (full-length episodes)
Randy Drummond Director of photography
Sascha Paladino Head writer
Craig Farrell Writer (full-length episodes)
Shields Freeman
Olga Humphrey
Chris Nee
Melinda Richards
Cameron Scott
Craig Farrell
Ben Tollefson Assistant art director
Melissa Creighton Set dresser
Paul Hartis Set decorator
Lauren Stohler Graphic designer
Malchus Janocko Production designer
Lyndon Mosse
Craig Farrell Writer
Martin P. Robinson Puppet designer
Cathy McCullough Coordinator
Larry Hochman Music
Christopher North Renquist
Marianna Rosette
Jeffrey Lesser
Laura G. Brown Director of research
Jared Jenkins Associate producer
Melinda Richards Script coordinator
Karen Dancheck Script supervisor
Selena Anthony Casting
Laura G. Brown Director of research
Tim Cereste Video engineer
Jim Meek
Gary Silver Sound
Stuart Ashby Gaffer
Shawn Sullivan Key grip
Marshall L. Coles Best boy
Ron Pritchard Assistant camera
Keith Olsen Key production assistant
Bree Sheehan Accountant
Brian Sales Production assistant
Jane Pien
Sarah Wallendjack
Ken Reynolds Post production facilities
John Tierney
Marcelo Gandola Audio engineer
Dick Maitland Sound effects
Laura G. Brown Director of research
Jennifer Oxley Main title animation
John LePore Facilities manager
Matt Welton Executive producer


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