The following is a list of Oobi merchandise. There were never any full-scale DVD releases of the series; however, shorts and clips from full-length episodes are included on many Nick Jr. DVDs as bonus features. In addition, the series is mentioned and pictured on several posters and books released by Noggin and the show's puppeteers.

List of merchandise

Single DVD releases

TitleRelease dateOobi episode featured
Blue's Clues:
Shapes and Colors!
Dora the Explorer:
City of Lost Toys
6/3/2003"Bubble Bath!"
Blue's Clues:
Blue Takes You to School
8/26/2003"Bubble Bath!"
Dora the Explorer:
Rhymes and Riddles
Blue's Clues:
Blue's First Holiday
9/30/2003"Camp Out!" (clip)
Little Bear:
Feel Better Little Bear
10/7/2003"Haircut!" (clip)
Dora the Explorer:
Meet Diego!
10/7/2003"Make Pizza!" (clip)
Blue's Clues:
Classic Clues
1/27/2004"Dance Class!" (clip)
Dora the Explorer:
Pirate Adventure
1/27/2004"Play Ball!" (clip)
On-the-Go Oswald
1/27/2004"Dance Class!" (clip)

DVD packs

TitleRelease dateOobi episode(s) featured
Blue's Clues:
ABC's, 123's and More: DVD Collection
"Bubble Bath!"
Dora the Explorer:
Dora's Ultimate Adventures
"Sleepover!" (clip)
Welcome to Big City!/On-the-Go Oswald
7/19/2005"Dance Class!" (clip)
Dora the Explorer:
Big Sister Dora/City of Lost Toys
2/19/2008"Sleepover!" (clip)
Little Bear:
Rainy Day Tales/Feel Better Little Bear
2008"Haircut!" (clip)
Blue's Clues:
Get Clued Into School Pack
"Bubble Bath!"
Dora the Explorer:
Dora's Double-Length Adventures
8/4/2015"Play Ball!" (clip)

Books and magazines

TitleRelease dateDescription
Nick Jr. Magazine: August 20048/1/2004Includes Oobi-based article titled "Puppet Show-Offs"
TV Guide: September 20048/29/2004Includes Oobi-based article titled "No Strings Attached"
Big Apple Parent: September 20049/1/2004Mentions Oobi in "Talking Shop with Josh Selig" article
Playthings: October 200410/1/2004Includes photos from "Uma Preschool!" and "Dinosaur!"
Kidscreen Magazine:
July/August 2005
7/1/2005Mentions Oobi in "Little Airplane's Academy" article
Club Noggin poster2005Poster that lists Oobi among other Noggin programs
10-Minute Puppets11/1/2010Book by Noel MacNeal
(mentions Oobi and pictures Oobi-style puppets)
Box!11/5/2013Book by Noel MacNeal
(mentions Kako in "About the Author" section)


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