Game segments are included throughout the Oobi series. They are played in several shorts and in the first season of full-length episodes.

List of segments

Game Image Description Episodes
"Guess" Oobi Uma Chicken! Game Segment 2 A character draws an object or acts out a scenario a little at a time. The viewers must guess what it is.
"Number" Oobi Play Ball! - Oobi with Uma A number is given. The characters hold up different numbers, and the viewers must figure out which one is the given number.
"Dance" Oobi Uma Kako Rainy Day! Scene 2 A character makes up a dance consisting of three moves, normally in conjunction with the theme of the episode. The viewers must repeat each move.
"Stop/Go" Oobi Grampu Piano Lesson! Music plays as the characters and the viewers dance. They must stop dancing when the music is paused.
"Rhyme" Oobi Uma Kako Make Art! The characters choose a word and bring out two objects. The viewer must choose the object that rhymes with the chosen word.
"Letter" Oobi, Uma and Grampu - Make Pizza! A letter is given along with two items, one of which begins with that letter. The viewers must pick which item begins with that letter.
"Remember" Uma and Oobi - Oobi's Car! 3 Three items are placed in a certain order, with one being hidden afterwards. The viewers must remember which item is hidden.
"Music" Oobi and Grampu 2 - Make Music! Three musical instruments are displayed. A player creates a sound with one of the instruments and the viewers must guess which instrument is played.

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