This article is about the location. For the episode, see this article.


Oobi Neighborhood

Type Neighborhood
Location Unknown
First Appearance "Dance!"

The neighborhood is a major location in Oobi.


The neighborhood is the unnamed town in which the main characters reside. It is the main setting for the Oobi series. The neighborhood is home to many small buildings, including houses and schools.


The neighborhood is quite large. Throughout the neighborhood are various trees with green leaves and white fences.


The neighborhood is visited in every episode of Oobi. It was first visited in "Dance!" and is last visited in "Superheroes!"

BarbershopChinese RestaurantCommunity CenterDance StudioFishing PierFruit StoreKako's HouseMrs. Johnson's HouseNeighborhoodOobi's HouseOrchardParkPetting ZooPlaygroundSchoolhouse

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