"Neighborhood Song"

Oobi Neighborhood Song

Performed by Tim Lagasse
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Noel MacNeal
Tyler Bunch
Episode featured "Neighborhood!"

The Neighborhood Song is a song from the "Neighborhood!" episode.

Characters Present


Oobi: Neighborhood house.
Uma: House!
Oobi: Neighborhood store.
Kako: Store!
Oobi: Neighborhood bank, library, post office, park and more.
Uma and Kako: Park and more!
Oobi: Neighborhood school.
Kako: School!
Oobi: Neighborhood sign.
Uma: Sign!
Oobi: Neighborhood bakery, restaurant, sidewalk, just like mine.
Uma and Kako: Just like mine!
Kako: Neighborhood perfecto!
Oobi: Neighborhood free.
Uma: Neighborhood, neighborhood, neighborhood.
Oobi, Uma and Kako: Psst, Grampu!
Grampu: Oh! Lov-el-y!
Oobi, Uma and Kako: (laugh)
Grampu: Neighborhood tree.
Oobi, Uma and Kako: Tree!
Grampu: Neighborhood zoo.
Oobi, Uma and Kako: Zoo!
Grampu: Neighborhood phone booth, bus stop, bench for waiting too.
Oobi, Uma and Kako: For waiting too!
Grampu: Neighborhood place for meeting friends. Friends like you!
Oobi, Uma and Kako: Friends like you!
All: (laugh)
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