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"New Friend!" is an episode of Oobi.


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A day at the park with Grampu becomes very special for Oobi when he meets a five-year-old girl named Frieda who looks very different from him. Oobi learns that differences are good and new friends come in many shapes and sizes.ABC Television


Oobi and Grampu are at the park. They carry a tennis ball and a picnic basket over to a table nearby, where they plan to have lunch. Oobi explains that he is waiting for Kako, who scheduled a playdate with him earlier. While Oobi waits for Kako, he bounces the tennis ball on the table. As Grampu begins taking food and plates out of his picnic basket, Oobi tells him that he is bored. Grampu spots a foot puppet playing by herself and asks Oobi if he wants to meet her. Oobi declines because he is afraid to meet someone who looks different. He decides to play alone. However, the foot says "hi" to him and introduces herself as Frieda. Oobi greets Frieda and tells her his name.

Frieda asks Oobi to play with her and he accepts. She wants to play kickball with a dodgeball that she brought, but Oobi discovers that he cannot kick. Oobi suggests playing catch with his tennis ball instead, but Frieda is unable to catch the ball. After taking a moment to think, Oobi tries to make conversation. "Sky," he says. "Blue," Frieda replies. Grampu calls Oobi over to the picnic table for lunch. Oobi says goodbye to Frieda and takes his tennis ball with him.

When he arrives at the picnic table, Grampu gives him a sandwich and asks him about Frieda. Oobi explains that playing with her was not fun, because they could not enjoy the same games. Grampu tells Oobi that differences are good. He points to Oobi's sandwich and states that although peanut butter and jelly are different, they taste good together. He then points to a couple walking through the park. He explains to Oobi that differences are the spice of life. Oobi decides to play with Frieda again. They make up a game called "kick-catch," which combines elements of kickball and catch. They realize that they are able to play the game together and cheer.

Oobi asks Frieda to give him a "high-five," but she is unable to. He then suggests a "low-five" instead, which she is able to give him. The two friends continue to play as the interview segments begin. During these segments, Oobi asks preschoolers about their friends. Afterwards, Kako joins Oobi and Frieda to play a counting game. Grampu plays as well. The episode ends as Oobi finishes the game.



  • This episode premiered on the International Day of Tolerance (November 16, 2003). According to Viacom, "New Friend!" highlights the importance of diversity and acceptance among children.
  • Frieda becomes a recurring character in the series and makes a second major appearance in "Frieda Friend!" (which takes place after the events of this episode).
  • Uma is absent.


Oobi - New Friend!10:26

Oobi - New Friend!

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