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Oobi is a young four-year-old anthropomorphic hand puppet as well as the television series' main protagonist He is the only grandson of Grampu. He is the title character of the television series Oobi and appears in every episode, with the exception of Cake!. Oobi is best friends with Kako and often invites him over to his house. Oobi has a wide, vivid imagination. He often pretends to be different animals and people.


Oobi is a very gentle, & energetic child. He loves to pretend and learn about the wonders of childhood. Oobi is hygenic, but loves to get dirty. He is best friends with Kako. Oobi has a strong relationship with both Kako and his little sister Uma. Oobi enjoys thinking of himself as a "big boy". Oobi is friendly to others and will often encourage other children. Oobi is curious, smart, thoughtful, kind and gentle. He is voiced by Tim Lagasse.

As the main character, he appears in every episode created except Cake! and has many starring roles, though some are occasionally focused on other characters, such as Uma or Kako. Oobi goes to Uma's school, but in a different classroom. His appearance is pale and has four fingers pointing straight with his thumb under them. His favorite color is blue.

Oobi's favorite toy is a red car.


Oobi is peach with five fingers. He has hazel eyes. His fingernails are a pink color. Four fingers act as Oobi's upper lip while his thumb acts as his lower lip. Oobi's appearance is similar to that of both Uma and Kako.


Oobi has appeared in every episode of Oobi, except for the short titled Cake! in which only Kako and Uma appear. His first appearance was in Dance!. His last appearance was in Make Pizza!. Oobi, along with Grampu, have appeared in the most episodes out of all of the main characters in the series. While he is the main character of the show, other episodes are centered on other characters.


  • In Kako's House Dinner, when Oobi and Grampu are walking to Kako's, you can see the guy who plays Oobi's sleeve.
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