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Oobi Noggin TV Show Hand Puppet Character Nickelodeon Nick Jr

Name Oobi
Species Hand puppet
Gender Male
First Appearance "Dance!"
Last Appearance "Superheroes!"

Oobi is the titular protagonist of the Oobi series.


Oobi is a gentle four-year-old hand puppet. He acts as a role model to his younger sister, Uma, who often looks to him for guidance. Oobi is always eager to learn something new about the world around him. His favorite color is blue, and his favorite toy is a red car.


Oobi has fair skin and pink fingernails. He has hazel eyes. Four fingers act as Oobi's upper lip while his thumb acts as his lower lip.


Oobi has appeared in every episode of Oobi, with the exception of the "Bongo Drums!" short (in which only Uma and Grampu appear). His first appearance was in the "Dance!" short, and his final appearance was in the "Superheroes!" episode.

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