Oobi Educational Tour

Noggin Presents Oobi Educational Tour North American Trade Show

Location Saint Paul, Minnesota
Opened June 2001
Producer Viacom/MTV Networks

The Oobi Educational Tour was part of the 2001 North American Trade Show Tour.


This event was an advertisement for the short-form episodes of Oobi, which began production about a year before. At the tour was a replica of the main characters' house, along with a sunflower display and a non-functional mailbox. Visitors could take a photo with the display and receive information about the Noggin cable channel, which was new at the time. The event was advertised as Noggin Presents "Oobi" and was the only Noggin-themed attraction until 2004's Club Noggin.


  • Matthew Allar designed the display. He features a photo from the event on his website. He also lists the event under "Corporate/Event/Industrial" on his online resume.