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About the Show

Oobi focuses on the daily experiences of a curious hand puppet named Oobi. He explores the world around him along with his younger sister Uma, his best friend Kako and his grandfather Grampu. Read more about the series here!

Oobi, Uma, Kako and Grampu in Bedroom - Noggin Nick Jr Nickelodeon Hand Puppets TV Show Series

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Featured Quote

Birthday? Big deal.
Lost puppy? Big deal.
Alien spaceship? Really big deal!
Messing up? No big deal. Messing up,
Kako in "Recital!"

Did You Know?

  • Oobi was the first television series produced by Little Airplane.
  • The first full-length episode of Oobi aired on April 7, 2003. Moose and Zee, Noggin's former hosts, were introduced on this same day.
  • Josh Selig, the creator of Oobi, was inspired to create the show after watching puppeteers in Poland perform with their bare hands.
  • According to a 2007 article published by Kidscreen, Oobi was pitched to Noggin under the name Pipo.

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Meet the Characters

Oobi Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet
Oobi Uma Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet Oobi Kako Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet Oobi Grampu Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet
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Featured Episode: "Grampu Day!"

Oobi Grampu Day!

"Grampu Day!" is an episode of Oobi.


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  • This is the only episode to include Grampu's name in the title.
  • This episode was aired on Noggin as part of a Father's Day marathon in June 2006.

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Featured Character: Angus

Oobi Angus Noggin TV Show Character

Angus is a recurring character in Oobi.


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Angus has fair skin and pink fingernails. He has a pair of light blue eyes under his hand.


Angus appears in several episodes of Oobi. His first appearance was in "Halloween!" and his final appearance was in "Recital!" He also appears in "Parade!" and "Theater!"

Featured Location: Fruit Store

Oobi Supermarket

The fruit store is a minor location in Oobi.


The fruit store is the local supermarket. It is owned by a female hand puppet named Bella. Oobi, Grampu and Kako visit the shop in the "Shopping!" episode.


The walls of the supermarket are mostly green. Inside the store, there are many brown-colored boxes of fruits (such as apples, bananas, watermelons, oranges and grapes).


The fruit store is visited in one episode of Oobi: "Shopping!" It is also seen in the second season's opening sequence.

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