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About the Show

Oobi focuses on the daily experiences of a curious hand puppet named Oobi. He explores the world around him along with his younger sister Uma, his best friend Kako and his grandfather Grampu. Read more about the series here!

Oobi, Uma, Kako and Grampu in Bedroom - Noggin Nick Jr Nickelodeon Hand Puppets TV Show Series

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Featured Quote

Birthday? Big deal.
Lost puppy? Big deal.
Alien spaceship? Really big deal!
Messing up? No big deal. Messing up,
Kako in "Recital!"

Did You Know?

  • Oobi was the first television series produced by Little Airplane.
  • The first full-length episode of Oobi aired on April 7, 2003. Moose and Zee, Noggin's former hosts, were introduced on this same day.
  • Josh Selig, the creator of Oobi, was inspired to create the show after watching puppeteers in Poland perform with their bare hands.

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Meet the Characters

Oobi Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet
Oobi Uma Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet Oobi Kako Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet Oobi Grampu Noggin Nick Jr TV Series Show Hand Puppet
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Featured Episode: "Sign Language!"

Sign Language!

"Sign Language!" is a full-length episode of Oobi.


Oobi and Kako learn sign language in order to communicate with a deaf girl named Amy.


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  • The golf-themed magazine that Grampu reads in this episode is also visible in "Checkup!" (during the scene in which Oobi talks to Moppie).
  • A scene from this episode is featured in the second season's opening sequence.

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Featured Character: Maestru

Oobi Maestru Noggin TV Show Character

Maestru is a recurring character in Oobi.


Maestru is the leader of a singing group that meets weekly at the community center. He is also the coordinator of the town's theatrical performances. His somewhat strict demeanor can make him come across as uptight, but he is courteous to everyone he meets. Maestru's name is a play on the word "maestro."


Maestru has fair skin and blue-green eyes. His hair is black with streaks of gray. Maestru's index finger is always extended and acts as a conducting baton. He wears a black bow tie.


Maestru appears in two episodes of Oobi: "Theater!" and "Sing!"

Featured Location: Chinese Restaurant

Oobi Chinese Restaurant

The Chinese restaurant is a minor location in Oobi.


The Chinese restaurant is an eatery that serves food such as shrimp, egg rolls, fortune cookies and dumplings. Chopsticks are given to each customer. Nick is the restaurant's waiter.


The interior of the restaurant is red. There are several tables and chairs in the establishment, on which customers sit to dine.


The Chinese restaurant is visited in the "Chopsticks!" episode. It is also shown in the second season's opening sequence.

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