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"Parade March"

Oobi Grampu Grandpoo Parade March Noggin Nick Jr

Performed by Tim Lagasse
Stephanie D'Abruzzo
Noel MacNeal
Episode featured "Parade!"

"Parade March" is a song from the "Parade!" episode.

Characters Present


Uma: Parade! Parade today! Parade, marching band, Oobi float, majorette, A-OK.
Oobi and Kako: A-OK!
Uma: March down street.
Oobi and Kako: March down street!
Uma: Wave to friends.
Oobi and Kako: Wave to friends!
Uma: Parade day, music, neighbors, good time never ends.
Oobi and Kako: Never ends!
Uma: Parade! Parade today! Parade, costumes, drumming, singing, A-OK.
Oobi and Kako: A-OK!
Uma: Say hi, Mrs. Johnson.
Mrs. Johnson (spoken): Oh?
Oobi and Kako: Hi, Mrs. Johnson!
Mrs. Johnson (spoken): Hello!
Uma: Say hi, Angus, too!
Oobi and Kako: Hi, Angus, too!
Uma: Parade, walk down street like queen of Kalamazoo.
Oobi and Kako: Kalamazoo!
Uma: Parade day, time to tell whole neighborhood, "I love you!"
Oobi and Kako: I love you!
All: Hooray!


  • An editing error caused the music and the lyrics to be off-sync with each other, causing the lyrics and the characters' actions onscreen to be almost a beat off from the music.
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